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Name: lindsay.
Age: fifteen.
Location: halifax, nova scotia.

11 Bands:
1) coheed and cambria
2) fall out boy
3) finch
4) hawthorne heights
5) incubus
6) moneen
7) ray charles
8) taking back sunday
9) tegan and sara
10) the academy is...
11) the used
(underlined means favourites.)

12 Songs:
1) 3 libras - a perfect circle
2) calm before the storm - fall out boy
3) apologetic theory - finch
4) ohio is for lovers - hawthorne heights
5) foolish games - jewel
6) are we really happy with who we are - moneen
7) until the day i die - story of the year
8) great romances of the 20th century - taking back sunday
9) welcome home - tegan and sara
10) divided - tegan and sara
11) i'm a fake - the used
(i have 89675 more favourites.)

Best show you went to and why?: it's sad, i've only been to four shows. the only people who seem to come to halifax are rappers, or people i have no interest in seeing. they've got a bunch of local shows, but i'm really interested in them. but i did see three days grace and the trews live, and they were fucking awesome.

Do you have anything on the walls in your room?: yep. (my walls are deep purple and light orange/peach.)
If so what are they?: old records, posters, pictures, my gay pride flag, my bulliten board, news paper articles/clippings, christmas lights.
Do you have anything on your floor?: normal stuff like a bed, junk under the bed, a dresser, a desk, books, tv stand..
Make us laugh: what do you call a gay man in a wheel chair? rolaids. hahaha, i hope i didn't offend any of you.

Drugs: i suppose they're okay, as long as you use moderation. as stupid as this sounds, and as contradicting as it is, you have to have a certain responsibility when you're using drugs. if you're irresponsible, then you'll get yourself into trouble.
Abuse/rape: rape makes me sick. i'm really into learning about things like that, and yeah i dunno what else to add. i believe that serial rapists should get harsher punishment; the same consquences murders do in jail. and as for abuse, it's tricky because as easy as it is to say the person who is being abused can just get up and leave, it's not that easy. i guess nobody really understands what it's like to be abused unless you're that person.
Animal rights: i cringe when i hear about animals being beaten, or see it on tv, movies, etc. i don't believe animals should be used in testing.
Gay rights: well, me being basically gay (long complicated story- i'm not fully gay, i'm nowhere's near straight, and i'm not bisexual. so, figure that one out), of course i'm going to be for gay rights. i don't think gay people should have anything any different than straight people.
Underage sex: as long as you're not being raped, then hey, it's your decision.
Mystical creatures: i'm not really into this stuff. i don't have enough facts to say if they do or not. but, my opinion is that they don't.
Musical Genres: i like a lot of different genres. although i'm not really into country, classical, opera stuff. but i'm pretty open minded when it comes to music.
Labels: as much as i like to say i hate them, i use them. everybody does in one way or another.


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