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Name: Jen
Age: 15
Location: wappingers fall ny

11 Bands:
our last night
brand new
from autumn to ashes
the used
hawthorne heights
senses fail
from first to last
boys night out
12 Songs:
Hawthorne heights--screen writing an apology
Hidden In plain view--20 below
Senses fail--rum is for drinking not burning
From autummn to ashes--take her to the music store
Brand New--Logan to government center
Silverstein--Forever and a day
Thursday--This song brought to you by a falling bomb
Our last night--I'll be breathing
AFI--this time imperfect
Something corporate--Konstantine
The blood brothers--meet me in the forest
Boys night out--Anatomy of a journey
Best show you went to and why?: um hidden in plain veiw lost prohets..cause its the only show i ever went to..other than sesme street but i dont think that counts

Do you have anything on the walls in your room?: yeah i have a couple posters and such.
If so what are they?: afi evanescence orlando bloom and this poster ryan made for me oh and a calender
Do you have anything on your floor?: i have wood floor but a have a purple area rug thing
Make us laugh:i laughed

Drugs: i dont like them, they mess people up.
Abuse/rape: extemly wrong!
Animal rights: animals are living things too and should be treated with respect
Gay rights: let people love who ever they want!
Underage sex:hmm...its really your choice its your body
Mystical creatures (do they exist): i think they do! like the lockness monster
Musical Genres: i love most all musical genres..minus contry and rap.
Labels(on people): i think they are gay...people just dress how they feel labs shouldnt be placed on that accont

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